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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY: Lattice Backdrop.

This backdrop was created for the St. Patrick's Day themed Golden Treasure Baby Shower. We wanted something bold and graphic to balance the simplicity of the table. Jeff found this lattice style pattern on a duvet cover and was curioius to see if it translated to a table backdrop.

It's pretty simple once you break it down. Paint your plywood with 2 coats of glossy white primer. Have a smaller version of your pattern around for reference and place painter's tape wherever there are white lines on your pattern.

For this pattern it breaks down into a series of 12 inch squares.

Then it breaks down into 6 inch squares and rectangles.

This is the most important step. Once all the tape is down, paint over the edges of every tape line with more white paint. This seems redundant and a waste of time, but I assure you, don't skip this step. The paint fills in any small gaps between the tape and the plywood. It will prevent most of the bleeding between colors in the next steps.

Now comes the fun part. Paint in every square. We went with two tones of green that matched our printables and tablecloths.

Once everything is dry, peel away.

Tada! This is how it looks directly after the tape is removed. See, no green bleeds onto the white, just crisp, straight lines.

See the entire Golden Treasure Baby Shower

Monday, February 27, 2012

Golden Treasure Baby Shower

We were approached by Baby Lifestyles to be a contributor for their spring eglossy. That's fancy talk for online magazine. We were very excited and couldn't wait to hear what they wanted us to submit. What's our theme going to be? Valentine's Day? Easter? We got the word that they wanted us to tackle St. Patrick's Day. Huh? The quasi holiday that gives everyone who knows someone Irish the excuse to drink their weight in green beer? And don't forget to make it baby related. We don't back down from a challenge. In fact, we were going to make it the classiest St. Patrick's Day baby shower anyone this side of the Blarney Stone has ever seen!

We needed a jumping off point. A theme that would not include leprochauns or references to public intoxication, etc. We based our theme on the Irish legend that you'll find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Perfect! Green and gold are great together, babies are a treasure, we were off and running.

Jeff starting sketching out the printables design, while Jennifer got busy by organizing a menu. The desserts should have a reference back to green or gold, but not necessarily be Irish in nature (i.e. green tea, mint, lime, and basil). The real fun comes in the fact that since this is a fake party, the food can be fake too, it just has to look pretty. Most things ended up being at least edible, however you would not drink the limeade.

The shamrock rattle quickly became the new symbol of the party. We knew we were onto something adorable. If this party was going to be magazine worthy, we needed to call in some other professionals. Florists and photographers. These tables had to literally come alive with color. Florist Samantha Farrington used monochromatic vegetation with loads of kale for a crisp and modern look. Our party would not have looked half this good if it wasn't for photographer Sarah Anderson's amazing shots. We were both speechless when we got the pictures back. Thanks ladies.

We also painted the geometric print on the backdrop. Every great table needs an equally great backdrop, but after painting this bold lattice pattern, we were afraid it was going to take away from the splendor of the table. Well, we can be wrong every once and a while. It's just the right accent, and the lattice pattern in used to give dimension to the shamrocks in all the printables. 


The dessert table highlights a little bit of everything in our treasure tale. The moss covered pebbles were a great find and they surround our "treasure chest" of gold coins and intricately decorated shamrock rattle cookies with just a hint of gold shimmer. The cake pops also get the green and sparkling treatment. The mini dessert trend continues with these delicious pistachio mini cakes wrapped in gold ribbon. We finish our desserts with layered green tea and ginger custard. Jennifer did such an amazing job with crafting these treats.

A treasure hunt for a Golden Treasure Baby Shower was a must! Jeff created the fabulous mossy topiaries with golden stems. And how perfect are the vintage gate and fountain in the background! The sign is handed painted on fabric "shingles". Jeff also had fun coming up with the rhyming clues for the fictional game that no one would ever see. That's how detailed we are.

Our favor table featured these amazing looking golden jordan almonds, that like most of the party were gorgeous, but inedible. We created a new take on the traditional pots with these mini cones in a custom stand. The "potted" favors are framed by these wonderful potted trees.

Our theme is a reminder that nine months of pregnancy brings about it's own precious treasure.

*Vendor Credits*
Photography: Sarah Anderson Photography
Flowers: Samantha Farrington
Wood Cake Pop Sticks: Etsy seller WoodCandySticks
Event design, printables, invitations, and all dessert items were done by us!
Honeycomb Events & Design is Jennifer Billingsley and Jeff Peabody

Printables available on Etsy

Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Gentelman "Rat Pack" Birthday Party

This party was thrown for my little guy, Grayson. We thought it would be fun to take a sophisticated 1960's Rat Pack gentleman theme and give it whimsical features fit for a first birthday. 

The bubble pipe we used through out the party was a perfect example of this! For the dessert table we created a tufted leather backdrop to fit over the TV space in our entertainment center. (A DIY tutorial can be found oun our blog for making this backdrop The patterns, houndstooth and plaid, were carried throughout including the cupcake wrappers, decorated cookies, adorable printables and custom made bow ties.

Upon arrival the little guests went to the "grooming station" and were fitted with a bow tie. Then they grabbed a sign with "Rules of a Gentelman" and acted them out while posing for the camera. It was great to see how boys and girls alike loved dressing up in bow ties and acting sophisticated! We also created a drinks station where guests were encouraged to mix up fun concoctions like Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers. Kids and adults alike had a great time sipping drinks out of brandy glasses and paper straws, feeling very dapper! We also wrapped vintage soda bottles with custom labels, paper straws, and a party label.  

The dessert table was fashioned after a gentlemen's conservatory, with built in bookshelves and leather tufted backdrop. We hand painted the beautiful sign too. We topped off each candle holder with a bow tie and a scrumptious cupcake. Guests helped themselves to spectacularly detailed bow tie and bubble pipe cookies. We wrapped brownies in craft paper and twine for an old-fashioned feel. And of course cake pops, can't forget these treats striped in chocolate plaids. Did you notice that the tablecloth is a pipe pattern? No detail is overlooked.

The favors had customized labels sewn onto muslin bags and included a bubble pipe and vintage candies. We had a fantastic time throwing this party and hope you will enjoy it also!

Check out our printables for this party on Etsy, and you too can have a little gentleman birthday bash!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ships Ahoy!

We designed this baby shower with our client to celebrate her son and daughter-in-law's first baby. The baby's nursery was in a whale theme but the mom-to-be was having another shower in this theme. They wanted a shower that coordinated but didn't copy the whale theme. We thought a vintage nautical design would be perfect in a range of blues, off-white, and a touch of rustic red. Our sea-faring inspirations came from the iconic rope wrapped anchor.

We were blessed to start planning the shower from the beginning. This gave us the chance to design and craft the invitations.

Instead of a printed sign behind the dessert table we hand painted a large anchor and the baby's name on a large piece of canvas that lended to a more vintage look. We painted and distressed crates and then stenciled the words "Adore", "Easton", and "Always" on them. We made decorated crab cookies as favors and used the crates to display them. The mom-to-be took the crates home to use as nursery storage!

We used a mold to make color coordinated anchor decorations to place on the cake pops for a great dimensional look. 

And when we think of nautical, we think of weathered wood that's been exposed to the salty air so we an antiqued look to everything as well as treats that were both sweet and salty. We crafted these delicious salted caramel shortbread bites that were very popular. We also made red velvet whoopie pies because the mom-to-be loves red velvet cake.

To make all of the paper products look vintage, we printed on watercolor paper. The result was better than expected! The cupcake toppers had that look of being weathered by the sea air which was all because of the textured paper. Instead of a traditional pennant shaped banner we designed nautical flag shaped banner that was used in front of a table as well as mini nautical flags that wrapped around the vintage gallon jug.

We created a 'message in a bottle' station for the guests to write words of advice and encouragement to the new mom. Above this table was a huge television that our client asked for us to cover up. We designed a large sign which just looked like an amazing three dimensional sign and not just a TV cover up. On this table we also placed an amazing model ship! With a little paint and creativity, we made it a one-of-a-kind personalized piece of art.

The shower was so much fun to create and it was great that the mom-to-be wanted and was able to use the personalized crates, canvas artwork, and detailed wooden ship for the baby's nursery.

This party is available on our Etsy shop! Click here

Vendor Credit & Resources
Event Design, Invitation and Printables: Honeycomb Events & Design
Personalized canvas artwork with anchor: Honeycomb Events & Design
Cupcakes: Icing on the Cupcake Sacramento, CA
Cake pops, whoopie pies, and crab cookies: Honeycomb Events & Design
Floral centerpieces: Grandma-to-be, Cindy Keck
Crates (that were painted blue): Joann Fabric
Vintage Pepsi crate: etsy seller, amyrebeccadarabcsek
Anchor mold:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY: Tufted Leather Board

Jennifer's little boy is turning 1 this week. In preparation for his little gentlemen's birthday party, we created this tufted backdrop for the dessert table. This can easily translate into a very inexpensive headboard. We went with leather, but if you go with more inexpensive fabric, you can create this same look for under $50.

The raw materials you'll need. Use any 1/4" plywood, you'll cover it up, so what does it matter if it's pine or not. This is when you can go cheap and save some money.

2. Mark where your holes for each button will go, and choose the pattern. Generally speaking, the bigger the buttons, the bigger the space you'll need between them, so the less you'll need.
3. Drilling takes the least amount of time in this entire process.

4. Cut the 1 inch foam to lay over the plywood, edge to edge.
5. I didn't glue or attach the foam to the board. I simply flipped the board and foam over onto the back side of the fabric.
6. Flap over one side of the fabric and staple every six inches.
7. Continue with the opposite side by pulling the fabric over very tightly and staple. Tighter than you think, especially with fabrics that stretch. Continue with the two other sides. 

8. Poke a hole through the fabric and feed the threaded ribbon through the fabric, foam and board.
9. Staple down one half of the ribbon, then pull the other half of the ribbon taught, even pushing in the button on the opposite side to create a tight hold, then staple down the other half of the ribbon. 
10. Repeat for all buttons.

You'll see the rest when we share Grayson's Gentleman Party pics.


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