Monday, February 27, 2012

Golden Treasure Baby Shower

We were approached by Baby Lifestyles to be a contributor for their spring eglossy. That's fancy talk for online magazine. We were very excited and couldn't wait to hear what they wanted us to submit. What's our theme going to be? Valentine's Day? Easter? We got the word that they wanted us to tackle St. Patrick's Day. Huh? The quasi holiday that gives everyone who knows someone Irish the excuse to drink their weight in green beer? And don't forget to make it baby related. We don't back down from a challenge. In fact, we were going to make it the classiest St. Patrick's Day baby shower anyone this side of the Blarney Stone has ever seen!

We needed a jumping off point. A theme that would not include leprochauns or references to public intoxication, etc. We based our theme on the Irish legend that you'll find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Perfect! Green and gold are great together, babies are a treasure, we were off and running.

Jeff starting sketching out the printables design, while Jennifer got busy by organizing a menu. The desserts should have a reference back to green or gold, but not necessarily be Irish in nature (i.e. green tea, mint, lime, and basil). The real fun comes in the fact that since this is a fake party, the food can be fake too, it just has to look pretty. Most things ended up being at least edible, however you would not drink the limeade.

The shamrock rattle quickly became the new symbol of the party. We knew we were onto something adorable. If this party was going to be magazine worthy, we needed to call in some other professionals. Florists and photographers. These tables had to literally come alive with color. Florist Samantha Farrington used monochromatic vegetation with loads of kale for a crisp and modern look. Our party would not have looked half this good if it wasn't for photographer Sarah Anderson's amazing shots. We were both speechless when we got the pictures back. Thanks ladies.

We also painted the geometric print on the backdrop. Every great table needs an equally great backdrop, but after painting this bold lattice pattern, we were afraid it was going to take away from the splendor of the table. Well, we can be wrong every once and a while. It's just the right accent, and the lattice pattern in used to give dimension to the shamrocks in all the printables. 


The dessert table highlights a little bit of everything in our treasure tale. The moss covered pebbles were a great find and they surround our "treasure chest" of gold coins and intricately decorated shamrock rattle cookies with just a hint of gold shimmer. The cake pops also get the green and sparkling treatment. The mini dessert trend continues with these delicious pistachio mini cakes wrapped in gold ribbon. We finish our desserts with layered green tea and ginger custard. Jennifer did such an amazing job with crafting these treats.

A treasure hunt for a Golden Treasure Baby Shower was a must! Jeff created the fabulous mossy topiaries with golden stems. And how perfect are the vintage gate and fountain in the background! The sign is handed painted on fabric "shingles". Jeff also had fun coming up with the rhyming clues for the fictional game that no one would ever see. That's how detailed we are.

Our favor table featured these amazing looking golden jordan almonds, that like most of the party were gorgeous, but inedible. We created a new take on the traditional pots with these mini cones in a custom stand. The "potted" favors are framed by these wonderful potted trees.

Our theme is a reminder that nine months of pregnancy brings about it's own precious treasure.

*Vendor Credits*
Photography: Sarah Anderson Photography
Flowers: Samantha Farrington
Wood Cake Pop Sticks: Etsy seller WoodCandySticks
Event design, printables, invitations, and all dessert items were done by us!
Honeycomb Events & Design is Jennifer Billingsley and Jeff Peabody

Printables available on Etsy

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