Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY: Tufted Leather Board

Jennifer's little boy is turning 1 this week. In preparation for his little gentlemen's birthday party, we created this tufted backdrop for the dessert table. This can easily translate into a very inexpensive headboard. We went with leather, but if you go with more inexpensive fabric, you can create this same look for under $50.

The raw materials you'll need. Use any 1/4" plywood, you'll cover it up, so what does it matter if it's pine or not. This is when you can go cheap and save some money.

2. Mark where your holes for each button will go, and choose the pattern. Generally speaking, the bigger the buttons, the bigger the space you'll need between them, so the less you'll need.
3. Drilling takes the least amount of time in this entire process.

4. Cut the 1 inch foam to lay over the plywood, edge to edge.
5. I didn't glue or attach the foam to the board. I simply flipped the board and foam over onto the back side of the fabric.
6. Flap over one side of the fabric and staple every six inches.
7. Continue with the opposite side by pulling the fabric over very tightly and staple. Tighter than you think, especially with fabrics that stretch. Continue with the two other sides. 

8. Poke a hole through the fabric and feed the threaded ribbon through the fabric, foam and board.
9. Staple down one half of the ribbon, then pull the other half of the ribbon taught, even pushing in the button on the opposite side to create a tight hold, then staple down the other half of the ribbon. 
10. Repeat for all buttons.

You'll see the rest when we share Grayson's Gentleman Party pics.


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