Monday, July 4, 2011

We had an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow bumble bee small party!

For Arden's 3rd birthday Jennifer had a stroke of genius, let's do a tiny party! A tiny party? Yes, we'll have the same things that every party has, only miniature. Mini signs, mini decorations, mini foods, games, invitations, you get the picture. As usual, we have a secondary theme that's a little off-shoot from our primary. We also featured bees, because they're tiny and adorable, like Arden!

Tiny pendant welcome sign. We quickly learned that in order for this theme to pay off, we have to put in a lot of detail. This sign took over six hours to put together. Did it pay off? You have to look very closely for the answer.

Tiny party hats being modeled by Arden's cousins, Trinity and Genesis. Adorable and only took eight hours to put together, totally worth it.

Guests played mini games a la "Minute to Win It".

There's no scale here, but the invitations are really small, take our word for it. They're like the size of a quarter. Slight exaggeration, but the best thing was they kept getting tinier. Open up one envelope and you get another, even smaller one. Take that Russian dolls.

Cupcakes, you guessed it. What else for a tiny party?

Tom Thumb milkshake! We served an array of finger foods like finger sandwiches, baby veggies, keish, bruschetta, crab cakes, and more served on tiny plates with cocktail napkins.

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