Friday, July 1, 2011

Paint by Numbers

Can't think of what painting goes best on that blank wall? Afraid a new painting will clash with the colors in your room? Try creating art on the wall itself. We've done some pretty nifty things in our own houses that bring new meaning to the saying, "Making it your own."

This is Arden's room. She quickly grew from toddler to little girl overnight, so her room needed to grow up with her too. Jennifer wanted some new artwork for her walls as well as something painted on the wall itself that would be cool for a pre-school aged girl. Jeff painted the framed artwork as well as the tree and branches for a butterfly and nature themed wall.

This is Grayson's nursery. Jennifer definitely wanted it to feel like it's own entity. Jennifer came up with the robot concept that would carry on to the baby shower, as well as the great combination of baby blue, gray and orange. Jeff conceived of several different options for robots, a couple that looked frightening and/or in serious need of mood stabilizers, before this happy little fellow sprang to life. With the use of a projector Jeff traced his drawing onto the wall and then painted on the gray and orange. Try to spot the hidden message as well as the "G".

Can't find the right headboard? Paint your own. Jeff's wall was so blank and he was so bored, that on one slow afternoon he did what a lot of people would do: he taped off his bedroom wall into a Moroccan inspired pattern and chose colors complimentary to his duvet cover. Duh? A mere 6 hours later, a garbage bag full of painters tape, and a lot of touch-ups to get the lines just right, ta da, new faux head board. Easy as that.

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