Thursday, June 30, 2011

Situation: Wedding!

We had such a great time putting together the Bridal Shower last weekend, and it got such an amazing response that the bride-to-be had to have us involved with the wedding. Great, one little detail, the wedding is in two weeks! No problem, no reason to freak out, just yet. Jennifer put together Pinterest boards to inspire the bride and to get us organized. Jeff met with the bridal party at the beautiful Hacienda de las Flores in Moraga, CA, the site of the ceremony and reception. It's in the style of a Spanish mission. We're working with a backyard chic themed wedding. Here's the Pinterest board with our inspirations.

Mason jars are a big part of the wedding decor. They'll be used as centerpieces on every table.

Lawn games to keep the kids distracted. A big must in any event. Try to do something without considering the kids, you'll regret it later.

Lanterns are another reoccurring theme. They'll be hanging everywhere in the wedding colors: black, white, and pale pink.

It's going to be magical!

We need to spice up the everyday, boring white chairs.

And our inspirations for the dessert table. Something we love to have at every event we plan.

Possible take home favors, but if not, just something else adorable to put into a mason jar. Mason jars make everything cuter, right?

 Love these pom pom style balls. You'll be seeing these guys on the dance floor.

 Great paper cut out swag signs. We'll personalize something like these and put them at the head table.

One word: AMAZING. It's like we got the wind knocked out of us when we gaze upon this. More like we need to hand out the special glasses you were given as a kid when you wanted to look at a solar eclipse. That kind of AMAZING. One more: Kind of like a Rhianna video. You stand with your mouth gaped open, not exactly sure how to describe what you're seeing, but you know it's, wait for it... AMAZING.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Signs of the Time

Before Honeycomb was even a twinkle in our eye, we would never settle for mass-produced parties. When it came to creating our welcome signs, Jeff always got a little carried away and spent weeks on crafting mini-masterpieces. Here are some of the best of the best from the past few years.
This was Arden's first birthday. The theme was a backyard garden party. Let's face it, for the first few years, a child's birthday party is really for the grown-ups. Are the kids getting any of this, are they even going to remember it? No, so why bore the adults with Dora or Calliou. We were going for country chic, so I thought that doing something handcrafted would fit right in. I started cutting out strips of different patterned papers in our colors. Then I wove the strips until I had a big enough area to bend them around a square frame I built. I repeated this for two other frames and then put it all together. Not as complicated as it looks, but very time consuming.

This is from Jennifer's baby shower for Grayson. It was a 50's robot themed party with orange, sky blue, and gray as the colors. I wanted the sign to look like the inner workings of a clock, showing the exposed gears and cogs. If I had a few more weeks, I think I could have made the parts move, but I'm only human. The circular pieces are wreath forms, spray-painted steel. The other miniature parts are from train and car model sets, finished with nuts and bolts from the hardware store. I polished it all off with spelling out Grayson in gears and a nice computerized font.

This was the latest insane creation for Arden's fourth birthday, Japanese-style. The colors were chartreuse,  lavender, and violet. I knew that I wanted to start off with a shoji screen since they scream Japanese culture, but are not thought of immediately. The screen is made up of a wreath form, balsa wood strips and translucent shimmer paper, spray-painted ivy leaf green. From that point, I wanted to assemble other bits of Japanese culture. I painted that famous cresting wave in front of Mt. Fuji on a nice piece of pine. I would have loved to burn that image onto the wood, but again, I'm only human and didn't have the time. The fan is accordion style cotton blinds. The "A" was very tricky to paint because of all the folds. The key is to trace it out first so it looks correct and not warped when it's fanned out. Then tie it all together and add some cherry blossoms in lavender to top it off. And no, I don't think those Japanese characters on the bottom spell out anything but garbled nonsense. My apologies.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Champagne Wishes and Cake Pop Dreams

We were asked by a client to create a pink and black themed bridal shower for her sister based on the colors for her wedding. We suggested the idea of having a champagne theme and champagne bar at the shower to add some pizzaz to the color theme. Guests had a great time adding strawberry or raspberry syrup to their champagne and mixing it with personalized flag stir sticks.

Pink popcorn doily cones were a huge hit! We served popcorn covered in white chocolate dyed pink and drizzled with dark chocolate. The dessert table included candy dipped jumbo mallows, brownie bites, strawberry whoppers, pink yogurt dipped pretzels, cake pops, and cupcakes.

It didn't hurt that the location was perfect. A wonderfully landscaped backyard in beautiful Danville. The outdoor seating and garden was the icing on the immaculately frosted cupcakes.

A great way to spend our Sunday.

The printable tags, flags and cupcake toppers are available on our etsy shop. HERE!

Vendors and Credits
Event Design: Honeycomb Events & Design
Pink champagne glasses: Ikea
Party logos and printables: Honeycomb Events & Design
Cakepops: Honeycomb Events & Design


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