Friday, July 22, 2011

Cuckoo for Cake Pops!

As a new company we try to notice patterns of what our clients ask for so that we understand our niche and what are clients are looking for. One of the things that stands out is cake pops! Nearly every part we do, the client asks for cake pops. Kids parties, baby showers, bridal showers, even an upcoming CD release party! Everyone loves them. It's hard to go wrong with a treat that is so cute and so delicious. Here is a sampling of some of our cake pop creations.

 Simple cake pops for a Safari themed baby shower

Sophisticated cake pops for a bridal shower

Cute Chicks for Easter

Easter egg cake pops. Lemon cake and cream cheese frosting. Delish! 

 Our first attempt at cake pops. Turned out pretty good!

 Golf ball cake pops on a grassy green golf cake

Adorable Hello Kitty cake pops for a birthday party

Vibrant purple cake pops for a Japanese themed birthday party

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