Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute Gift Wrapping

Every year I see georgeous gift wrap online with matching ribbon and embellishments. Every year I plan on buying it and having all our gifts perfectly coordinated and looking amazing under the tree. Well, it never quite happens and this year is no exception. So, I pulled out things from the craft closet (know as 'The Honeycomb Hideout') and got busy wrapping presents!

I got gold wrapping paper from Target and wrapped all the presents in that. For the guy presents I added black grosgrain ribbon and chevron striped paper that I cut out and folded in half over the ribbon to look like flags.

For the girl presents I added doilies that I had left over from a bridal shower we did. (Click here to see the other untraditional way we've used these same doilies.) I circled the gift in bakers twine and added grosgrain ribbon, washi tape and shiny gold vinyl. Each one was a little different but they all coordinated. I love that look!

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