Sunday, December 4, 2011

DIY: Advent Calendar- Free Printables!

Get free printables for this adorable advent calendar project! Read below.

We love advent calendars, but there's so many things to think about when the holidays come around that by the time you want to create one, Christmas is next week. Better late than never we say! We created this variation on an Advent Calendar for Jennifer's daughter Arden.

1. It's hard to find small muslin or simple cloth bags last minute. So, when you can't find your own, make them! We found these inexpensive ivory colored napkins with a nice hem. With a little simple sewing, they'd be nice bags in no time.
2. This option of making your own bags gives you more creativity in picking thread colors and patterns.
3. We cut the napkin in fourths and sewed the side and back together to create a perfect little pouch. 

4. We created these mod designs in Illustrator using a warm red, mint green, and charcoal gray, making sure never to mix the red and green together on the same design.

5. Get at least six iron-on transfer sheets. When you get your sheets home, find out whether you need to reverse the image or not. The same brand of iron-ons will sell both, and you want to avoid that unfortunate mistake. As you can see, I reversed mine.

6. Iron-ons are simple enough in theory, but with this project, they were a pain. Follow the instructions on the iron-on packaging, but we found that lots of pressure on a medium heat, no steam, for about 30 seconds does the trick. Let it completely cool before removing the backing.
7. And then... beautiful!

We had so much fun decorating the clothespins! For the silver striped clothespin we used Japanese masking tape also known as Washi Tape. It is so fun to decorate with beacause it has a velum like quality. We also lined the clothes pin with double sided tape and then applied 3/8" ribbon on it.

If you want a super quick way to use this project just print out the numbers and glue them onto paper sacks or brown paper lunch bags and you'll have an advent calendar by tonight! We filled ours with little treats and treasures from the $1 bin at Target.

To get these free printables just become a follower of our blog then email or facebook us with your email address and we will email them to you!

 Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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