Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY: Cupcakes in a Jar

Cupcake in a jar is a creative way to serve cupcakes and it's a lot more portable! Just be warned, it takes a TON of frosting! About twice as much frosting as a regular cupcake. These cupcakes in a jar were made using a 1 pint "jelly jar" size mason jar.

1  When you make the cupcakes, don't use liners. This way you won't have ridges when you place the cupcake in the mason jars. I used Cake Release by Wiltonin the cupcake pan but you could also use cooking spray.

2  Use an ice cream scooper to fill your cupcake pan with batter! The spring release action makes it easier and with a lot less mess! Fill each cupcake resevoir 3/4 full so you get a nice dome when they are baked. You'll need a more substantial cupcake to fill the jar nicely.

3  Extra large pastry tips are popular right now because they give a modern look. For this dessert I used an extra large frenchh pastry tip from etsy seller, Sweet Estelle.

4 & 5  This pastry tip is too big for the standard coupler so I cut the tip of a Wilton plastic decorator bag and put the pastry tip inside the bag.

6  Use a tall glass to hold up your pastry bag so you can fill it more easily. I even fold the ends around the top of the glass to get the frosting down in farther.

7  Once you have the frosting in the bag, squeeze it down into the pastry tip.

8  Cut your cupcake in half as shown. You'll have a top half and a bottom half.

9  I placed the top half in the jar first, so that it's at the bottom. Put the flat side of the cupcake down and the dome side of the cupcake up. The flat bottom of the cupcake looks best against the flat bottom of the jar.

10  Add a ring of frosting around the cupcake half that you just added. To save frosting you can just do an outside ring of frosting and not fill in the middle. Then place the other half of the cupcake in the jar. Top off with more frosting and voila! You have a beautiful party favor or fun treat for your guests!

Tie a wooden spoon around the jar with a cute ribbon or twine for an adorable look.
We got our wooden spoons from etsy seller Sucre & Spice.

We made these cupcakes for our Modern Faux Bois Owl Dessert Table.

You can also purchase the Printables.

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