Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sweetheart Anniversary

One of our dearest clients requested us to design her anniversary party. She and her beau were celebrating 10 years together. We created a Glamorous Hollywood event that included this sweetheart table set-up that featured this fabulous lighted sign. We got the idea from 100 Layer Cake. You can check them out here:

Materials needed:

30 bulb strand of lights (Cost Plus World Market) They have lots of varieties, we went with frosted white, but they also come in a wide array of colors.
Black foam core board
Wrapping paper
Exacto knife
16 feet of ribbon


1. Draw out design on back of foam core board, then mark every four or five inches where each bulb is supposed to go, making sure every bulb is used.
2. Use the exacto knife to cut out holes that are the size of the screw threads on the light bulb, no bigger.
3. Plan out the path of the bulbs in your design, so you don't back track and run out of wire length. This is particularly important if you are using two boards with one strand of lights.
4. Unscrew first bulb, placing the socket on the back side of your first hole. Re-screw in bulb with foam core board sandwiched in between the socket and bulb.
5. You have to tighten the bulb extremely tight in order to make full contact with the socket or else it won't light.
6. Repeat until all the lights are screwed into their sockets through the foam core board.
7. Decorate with paper and hang with ribbon.
8. Congratulations, you've created a beautiful one-of-a-kind sign that everyone will be asking you about.

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