Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The House of Minnie Mouse

One of our biggest challenges to date. Transform a backyard into a Disney paradise. Our client wanted a very large assortment of goodies for her daughter's 3rd birthday party. We needed three full size tables just to accommodate all the desserts.

The head table featured our zebra cupcakes, rice krispie pops, enormous Mickey and Minnie cookies, chocolate dipped Mickey oreos, chocolate drizzled popcorn and fudge dipped caramel pretzels. Let the sugar coma commence!

Look at those cookies! Jennifer painstakingly created these sugar cookies. That frosting is flawless. Also, check out the pop out ears on the food labels, adorable.

The second table featured our candy confections. More of the incredibly popular and delicious popcorn and fudge covered, caramel pretzels. Our cake pops are always a show stopper. I'm not sure what you would call these, but incredible works of art, is a start. Jennifer raised the bar with the Mickey and Minnie versions.

Our client also wanted other cereals turned into marshmallow pops, like cocoa puffs and Lucky charms.

All the children loved our candy buffet. More licorice, gummi bears, and jelly beans than they could handle.

The third table polished off the wonderful decadance. What better way to finish off a party than with milk and cookies. Each child got their own bottle of milk with decorated straw. 

We added balloons in the theme colors of black, white, and red and theme patterns, polka dot and zebra print to fence posts as well as create these custom table centerpieces.


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